Apr. 30th, 2016 10:21 pm
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I was in the mood to write today, really. Woke up, eager to go. But, by the time I got Drew to work, a few chores done around my home, and sat down to write, I had managed to earn a wicked headache. Here we are, hours later, and yeah -- I did get a bit written. About 3500 words, but the most important scene won't spill out on paper. Dammit. I'll try again tomorrow, I guess.
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But, once 2 spilled out, then my mind produced the next chapter. I can feel one brewing in my head now. Jasper is going to have a vampire come knocking,I think.

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And, though I didn't intend to continue, for some reason, this popped into my head one day. So I let it out.

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So. I dipped my toes into fanfic again, and here's where it began:

A premise: What if the Horcrux hadn’t quite been as contained by the Blood Wards as Dumbledore planned. Rather than influencing Harry’s personality, but it darkened his aura. An aura already rather grey, despite his innocent nature; grey with the darkness of his parents traumatic deaths, grey with his status as the last living primary heir of the Peverells a child of Death -- and that made him something warm, endearing and adorable to the dark creatures from an early age.

Man, wouldn’t that suck for any other wannabe dark lord.

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When I turned my back on my family, last summer, to pay close attention to how the steaks were cooking on the grill, I was unaware of the devious planning the remaining members of my family went into.

A family vacation.

And, me, whose saying "No. We're not... I'm not moving back in with you -- love you, but no -- and I won't travel with Mom on a plane UNLESS it's for a wedding or a funeral."

Dad played the well administered, "I'd really like it if you kids joined us, though."


So, here I am, 13 days out of a trip to the Dominican Republic, and I'm tallying the hidden costs. The ones women are subject to.

a) New clothes for trip -- come on, you know you have to.
b) New lingerie to support the new clothes -- OUCH -- that was a very hefty penny!
c) New shoes to support the look of the new clothes, and good for a beach
d) Waxing
e) Hair
f) Luggage -- my old bags were beyond rigor mortis. Seriously. I was watching decomposition in front of my eyes.

God. I need to get on a plane so I stop spending.


Jan. 9th, 2016 03:17 pm
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In my master plan for sloth, I've failed.

Let's start with Friday night -- where at quarter to midnight, it struck me I should get the dishes done. Up I pop from my couch, book is stashed, and I wash, dry, lay away, unload dishwasher, wipe down counters, sweep floors, and in general, stay up until 12:30am fussing with the kitchen. Then, surveying my kingdom, I take out the recycling, cause the bin was nearly full... and toddle back to book, and soon after bed.


This morning, in anticipation of the Feb 4 departure for the Dominican Republic, my brother and I needed to take our Dukoral dose. (I need 2 doses, Drew 1). And knowing my brother as a creature of habit, I need to intercept any attempts to eat or drink coffee before dosing. So, at 7am, I throw off my duvet, and nip downstairs... stop Mr. Coffee-craving cold, and dose him.

At 8:00 am my mother calls -- wants a playmate to go shopping for copic markers. Okay... and then we pick out the colours for the 2016 christmas cards. I got home at 1pm. At which point it was time to prep the rack of lamb -- is everyone catching the vibe here? It's just one thing after another -- where is my well deserved sloth?

Ooh. Buzzer on washer just went... off I go.

30 Hours

Dec. 28th, 2015 11:28 pm
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My Christmas break ends in 30 hours.... fortunately, the work week is all of 10.5 hours long, and then I'm onto New Years, which grants me another long weekend. YAY! It's pretty awesome thinking that I get paid for 37.5 hours of work this week, and only have to work 10 hours of it. (The .5 will be used buying our group lottery tickets.)

The break has been nice. The house is once again restored to order, Christmas was good, and I've already started buying for Xmas 2016. (I found the NEATEST thing online... and I'm shutting up now because, who knows who I might buy it for.)

At any road, in the next fifteen hours of my remaining 30 hours, I have a laundry list of running around to do, seeing as I'm hosting New Years Eve dinner for the family. Destinations include: Buckingham Meat Market (Prime rib), LCBO (wine), Sobeys (Potatoes, green beans, cocoa powder, heavy cream) and then Bed Bath & Beyond, because I want a new tablecloth.

So, seeing as I have all these errands, the lovely winter storm raining down had best finish by dawn, and the City of Oshawa had best have roads all tidied up by mid-morning. Otherwise, I'll be sending nasty letters to Environment Canada (I'm SURE it's their fault), and the City (I know it'll be their fault, it's ALWAYS their fault.)

And on that note... I'm toddling off.
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I hope Christmas was good to all, and the day is joyous! Happy families surrounding all, and much futon the horizon. Cheers!
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I ordered a Christmas present from Staples 3 weeks ago. I got an email on Monday cheerfully telling me that my order was in.

It's only half in. Apparently, half is good enough. WTF? And hey, the other half MIGHT be in tomorrow, on Christmas Eve... and seriously? SERIOUSLY? I ordered 21 days earlier to avoid this shit...

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Hmm. I'm eyeing my old stand mixer. My 20+ year old stand mixer, which is missing buttons, and smokes (sometimes) when beating things.

This is a smoke-free household. I'm thinking the old thing needs evicted.

What to do, what to do... to evict and buy a new mixer? And then, which one? KitchenAid like the rest of mob, or Breville. Or, something cheaper. On one hand, I do bake sporadically, but mostly at this time of year. On the other, do I really need to drop a couple hundred on a MIXER?

Hrm. I could always just get a cheap hand-mixer and debate this for a while. But, then, that means I can't multi-task while things are being mixed.

Gah. I need a quarter. I think I need to flip on this.

Ha! Funny!

Dec. 12th, 2012 07:21 pm
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So, I've been using my MacBook Air for a year now, and tonight when I logged into LJ, I get an email from the site, saying that "someone" has logged into my account -- from Canada, on Rogers Network, using a new device.

Uh, peeps? The device isn't new. Nor are the other aspects.

All in all, I was amused. Appreciative, but amused.
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Years ago, and I mean, many, Mom once complained that nothing irked her more than when she cleaned the house, we all stayed underfoot doing openly nothing.

I get it. Didn't then. Do now. Because, really, I feel I could become a one-woman lynch mob. Dear brother played video-games today. I thoroughly cleaned the living-room, the dining room, the kitchen, bathrooms, vacuumed, laid away general decor, put up the Christmas tree, and room decors -- washed the sheers, rehung the sheers (which was a project on their own!) and picked up his cough syrup (requested) and two cases of Coke.

And he just asked what was for dinner.

Seriously. I understand murder is wrong. But, there should be allowances for fratricide. I mean, really. There should be. I'd be better of as an only child.
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So, my US shopping wasn't quite as fruitful as usual, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my favourite haunt (Eddie Bauer)didn't have the selections I wanted, in the size I needed. I'm back to being the 'average' Medium size, and while there were extra-smalls, and larges aplenty, not so much in mine.

Nine West was bootiful, though. And I scored at Yankee Candle, Crabtree & Evelyn, and in Macy's. (Estee Lauder is at least $10 cheaper in the US, and then compare 6% sales tax to 13% -- another win win!) I (or rather, Mom) found my Christmas card 'holder' in Kirklands, and I bought Drew's Christmas, and Mom's Christmas presents. And I bought myself something for the 'girls' at Underarmor.

I did not find my dress pants, the two sweaters I'd been eying at Eddie Bauer, or a few kitchen items I'd been looking for.

I did mail all the Christmas presents and cards for all my US peeps. It was an infinitely more efficient and budget friendly way of sending them.

I learned NOT to eat in the food court. I really wasn't up to Anne Taylor because my digestive track was formally giving me notice of extreme displeasure. We lost Deb in Coach (found her eventually), and were disappointed with Timberland. Nothing 'sung' to us.

The drive was nice, if long, and Customs was odd (we bought at the Duty Free, so of course, he had to scrutinize that bill. What. Evah.)

Lastly, I've learned: plan your visit for two weeks or more ahead of the One-of-a-Kind show. It means my budget won't quite be so tight.

All in all, while the trip didn't net out quite a total success, a good time was had by all. Even if I was the only one of the three women to actually sleep both nights.
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Okay, it wasn't a documentary, but it was a CBC's Marketplace's report on how hygienic hotel rooms are.

Watching it, all I could think was "Crap. I'm checking into a Best Western on Wednesday."

Mercifully, reality (or cynicism) also checked in within seconds of that thought. "Anya, my darling delusional self, how many hotels have you slept in? How many showers have you been in? How many loos have you used where hygiene probably wasn't at it's best?"

Case in point, my gym. Sweat, more sweat, and god knows what else lurks. And yet, I pad into the showers there, happily touching the controls to the water, and then touching a curtain that is probably crawling with bacteria as I leave. And that's to say nothing on the washrooms, where the cleaner uses the same cloth to clean toilets, and counter tops.

And hey -- then there's the McDonald's washrooms. In 1973 I saw the bathroom in every McDicks between Ontario and Florida. (I'd just been toilet trained. And my parents opted for a road trip. Silly parents. Silly paranoid parents who bought into my cries of "I need to pee!") If ever there was a cesspool, I'm sure the loo's in the McDonalds along the highways and off ramps of the US probably qualified. So many different people using the facilities. And not all of them were fond of soap and water. Plus, find me a 16 year old that cleans to a sterilized standard any toilet, sink, faucet or floor. Using different clothes, and fresh water, or rinsing thoroughly in a lovely disinfecting solution before going to the next object to clean.

AND if that wasn't gross enough, consider the home. At least restaurants / gyms / businesses are required to clean several times a day. How often do you scrub down your bathroom? I'm once a week. And my shower curtain gets washed maybe once a month.

So, since I miraculously survived all that to this ripe old age, I can safely chance the disease and bacteria of the Best Western. I'm sure I can avoid contracting the plague.

Oh, and for the record, I thoroughly cleaned my bathrooms, and kitchen today. Shortly after watching that above link. Multiple cloths, fresh water, and a considerable amount of bleach. (It's a damn good thing I'm outlet shopping next week, seeing as I ruined a t-shirt cleaning with bleach. Gah!) Lastly, I may be O.C.D. Maybe.
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I like to focus on the itty bitty things. The details of life.

Oh, who am I kidding? Myself? Not at all? You, my friends? Not if you know me. I wouldn't fuss over a detail if it would create world peace. *blink* Bad example. I digress.

I came home from work, dying to take off my shoes (seriously, what possessed me to think that after a summer of wearing nothing but flat-shoes that I could wear a 4" heel and have no consequence for my foolishness?)... and found (look at the digression. Impressive, wot? See? Details! Sing-it when you read it. DeTAilssssss!)... that my brother has on his day off done the following:

a) cleaned the powder room (not my level of clean, but a noticeable attempt)
b) vacuumed the halls and living room. Again. (I had done this yesterday)
c) put the "no, our dog isn't allowed up on the furniture" covers on said furniture.
d) laid away the various shit he dumped on my dining room table. (This had to have taken him an hour. There was a lot of crap there that belongs in his world.)
e) tidied up the remote controls. (We honestly should be running a space station with the number of remotes we have. If we have one that remotely flushes the toilet, I won't be surprised.)
f) organized the recycling (a day ahead of schedule!)
and lastly:
g) did some grocery shopping. (WHAT? No! Really? Voluntarily? ON HIS OWN? Holy Kimcheeze!)

Once I came out of my shock, I immediately put on shoes (flat) and went out to get a lottery ticket for Wednesday's draw. Lightening might strike twice. (Unlikely, but miracles clearly (see items a-g) do happen.)

Please note: I'm sure there's an ulterior motive to why he did this. I don't care what it is. Well. Unless it involves him bringing home some girl. Because, frankly, his taste in women is appalling. Vapid, giggling and with that anime-giddy-girlie voice. I don't let vapid in the house. (Except, the dog. He's pretty vapid.)
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What a horrible, evil, BORING both word and task. Dusting. Gah. (The only think worse is washing floors by hand).

However, the dust-bunnies are reproducing, and my theory that if there is excessive dust, Drew (who is allergic to dust) will not sit in the living-room to watch TV. My theory was proven false. Nothing stops him from turning on the tv and torturing me with REALLY DUMB SHIT. For example: Storage Wars ( I'd rather wash the floor by hand than watch five minutes of this crap.

But, I digress. The dust-bunnies have to go. I've vacuumed most of the "obnoxious" clouds, and now I must go over the shelves, tables, televisions, etc. The sad part: I'll get it all lemony-shiny today, and come next Saturday I'll need to do it again.

Dusting. Bah.
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Normally, on my lunch, at least, for the last six weeks, I go to the gym. Today, on what I hope is the last day the common cold ruins my life, I opted to read a bit, and then do a small spat of shopping.

Shopping, being certain supplies only women need, and chapstick. You'd think I wanted a lot, and apparently I did by how long it took me to find anything in the Bay Adelaide Centre's Shopper's Drugmart.

In the fifteen minutes of hunting -- the first five I only heard my mental voices critiquing the method of merchandizing in the store (because, I couldn't find what I wanted immediately). The next two were spent stock-still and horrified as I heard Winter Wonderland come on the speakers. I was horrified. It's November 2nd. There are 53 days until Christmas. And there's CHRISTMAS music already playing in store soundtracks?! THE HORROR. Can't they wait until at least Remembrance Day is past?


Plant me

Nov. 1st, 2012 08:28 pm
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So, I'm researching greenhouses. Small ones. Ideal for starting seedlings in the winter that will be my vegetables come the summer.

Problem being, the greenhouse has to be where-the-plants-live year round, because my soil is not conducive for growing healthy edible veggies. It's far to acidic. And, rehabilitating the soil takes a lot of factors I can't readily provide (especially for next year).

Additional challenge: Winter. Ideally, my wee greenhouse needs heating. My preference is for a solar source, but this is not looking feasible. In short -- I may resort to having to visit garden centres, and get some more edu-my-cation on this topic.

Why oh why did I have to have the brilliant idea of growing my own organic foods?
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It's Hallowe'en. So, of course, my dog has lost his ever-loving mind. Presently, he's embracing his neurotic side. You now, the neurotic old-woman peering out the window to see what the neighbors are doing?

My windows have dog snot all over them.

However, that aside. He's presently curled up in the chair of window surveillance, chewing on his legs. So, without thinking, I simply sighed, and muttered. "Lucky - you are not chicken."

But, in retrospect, the alternate meaning of 'chicken' does apply. He's not the other-white-meat, is what I should have said. Because, he certainly IS a coward.
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