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Okay, so it was cloudy / rainy / miserable weatherwise, but still!

Dad saw that Home Depot had my laminate flooring on sale at $0.99 per square feet and offered to buy it for me. I'm not stupid enough to pass THAT by! So, it's now in my kitchen awaiting my grandfather's return from Scotland so that the boys (Dad and Grandad) and I can attack and lay the flooring in the living / dining room. 260 square feet of new flooring! Woo!

House is deliciously clean. I'm so happy with how clean it is. I mean, I do general maintenace regularly, which to most people is 'clean', but this weekend I did the spring-cleaning clean and I am looking around at my clean cabinents, clean walls, clean shelving, clean floors, clean EVERYTHING with pleasure.

I'm weird, yes.

Also? Freecycle ROCKS! I cleaned out the make-up graveyard, and posted it on freecycle. This community group for my town allows free pickup of things other people don't want (anymore). My dad would cringe, because he's a miser, but I'm thrilled to get rid of stuff that's otherwise in good condition. I hate clutter! (Claris can attest to that).

Anyway, so I cleared out all the old cleansers (I now longer use. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a Mary Kay girl now. The product has been phenomenal at clearing up my skin, and the little bumps I hated so much are almost all gone!), lotions, potions, and unused sampler eyeshadows (Lancome). Gone in 5 minutes! I posted, and poof, instant responses.

LOVE IT! They'll all be out of my home by Tuesday evening at the latest. Which of course, means, less clutter than before. I'm tempted to take a picture of my under the sink storage I'm so pleased with it's new orderliness.

Did I mention I'm weird? 'Cause, yup... I is.

Anyhoo, off to take doggie for his bedtime trot, and then to call Claris.


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