May. 9th, 2016 08:45 pm
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Over half a chapter written, and I'm just so darn tired... Not gonna get finished tonight, I'm afraid. Maybe tomorrow, if setup for the Annual General Meeting of my company isn't too onerous. Definitely nothing getting written Wednesday. I'll be a zombie by 4pm. Seriously. Zombie. There may be brains eaten.


Apr. 30th, 2016 10:21 pm
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I was in the mood to write today, really. Woke up, eager to go. But, by the time I got Drew to work, a few chores done around my home, and sat down to write, I had managed to earn a wicked headache. Here we are, hours later, and yeah -- I did get a bit written. About 3500 words, but the most important scene won't spill out on paper. Dammit. I'll try again tomorrow, I guess.
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Oh dear me. I've laughed. I've laughed until I cried. I howled laughing until the dog whined at me. My friends rawk! And my last entry which started as a "Grr AAARGH" with a barely suppressed urge to whup some ass has mellowed into a fond remembrance of "blame".

Amazingly, "Blame Canada" never surfaced. Go figure.

The ire that burned in me is extinguished. Thank you all.
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This, dear friends, was once upon a time a locked entry. Done to allow me to vent and get it off my shoulders. However, due to comedy of the highest degree, it's now unlocked. The rant is below. The comedic portion? Threaded beyond.

Why is it, in fandoms, there is always a group of people who feel like !@#$% prima-goddamn-donnas? I'm so tired of the drama, of the martyrdom, of the idea the universe owes them.

Bloody hell, GET IN LINE! The universe owes EVERYONE including Bush at this point. (It owes Bush a kick in the pants, fyi.)

I wish people would just own up to the fact they ain't innocent, they ain't perfect, and pointing a finger of blame at someone else in order to evade the parts of their own life they do not like is so freaking immature. Get over it. No one is perfect. If your friends and family can't accept that you aren't perfect then they aren't worth your time.

And finally GRRR!

For the record, I am not perfect. Very not perfect. And sometimes I'm so bloody blunt I can be offensive. If you can't accept that about me, don't call me a friend.
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Hey'o... first off, I want to thank [ profile] philipispdr for the update on the UK Bronzers in London area and who is okay and so on. My thoughts are with all of the UK, and especially the Londoners. Keep well and keep safe!


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