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Well, with all sorts of hurdles, repairs, events and just plain blahness... chapter nine is now in draft. By that I mean, I just took out 3000 words (that I wasn't happy with), and I'm now working on the spot I just killed.

However, for anyone's reading pleasure, here's a taste of chapter 9.
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No Competition: 8 - Part One - Dragons as pets. Not exactly recommended.
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Well. No, frankly.” Nott scratched his chin. “I can’t say I’ve heard anything bad at all, other than they are tiffed off with the Ministry and Dumbledore for sticking his long whiskered beard into things he ought not. I mean, unless you try to remove Potter from the neighborhood, it’s very ah.. darkly zen. Some of my mates and I theorize it’s to do with Potter. They’re all so focused on the boy, you see, that there’s no time for infighting. The wolves and hags can watch the Potter kid during the day, but the vampires take up night duty. And Merlin help the sod that makes Potter bleed a drop. They bought out two potioneers for all blood replenishers and healing pastes, one day. Because the kid fell off something called a bi-cycle? The lich has Potters relatives trussed up in runes. Overall, they are all very focused on the boy, and terribly protective.” Nott paused, thoughtfully. “You know, I suppose the Dementors moved in shortly after Potter went shopping for school supplies in Knockturn, just before his first year.” - Titus Nott, No Competition Pt 1
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It was a case of happy neighbors after that at Knockturn II -- err, Little Whinging. But that seems obvious doesn’t it? I mean, who was going to piss off a powerful three-thousand year old, tutored by the devil, lich? No one -- weeeeeell, there was a few small incidents at first. The... uh... vampires took exception to Potters relatives a few years back, and they would have killed them, but the lich got involved. Apparently, that’s when he became magical guardian to Potter. For the record, his relatives really didn’t like them, the vampires, I mean, and were antagonizing some of the vampires – something about their gardens being unnatural. I don’t get it. I mean, I’ve seen the nightblooms vampires use in the gardens, they are breathtaking, which is probably why they use them. Bottom line, though, vandalizing a vampire's garden is never a good idea, muggle or no.” Nott paused. “I digress, and I know you don’t like that. So, after the lich moved in, it was about this time that all the rest of the muggles, excluding Potters relatives, completely moved out. - T. Nott, No Competition part one

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“So, where were we... ah, we have werewolves, hags, and vampires all living in Little Whinging, the nexus of the site being Privet Drive. What next, what next… Oh! Then came the lich.” Nott rubbed his head. “The retired headmaster of Scholomance. I'm told he, and I use that pronoun cautiously given that ‘he’ wears robes over ‘his’ body, so examination of the pelvic region is impossible, and confirming gender from a skull simply untenable; at any road, ‘he’ was curious about this new dark neighborhood in England, and during a poker tournament in Transylvania, the vampire Lord Judas was raving about this up and coming little dark prince to everyone and sundry, so ‘he’ came to investigate. Met Potter. Liked Potter. Bought the house next door.” - T. Nott, No Competition, Part 1

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Continued in 5B
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But, once 2 spilled out, then my mind produced the next chapter. I can feel one brewing in my head now. Jasper is going to have a vampire come knocking,I think.

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And, though I didn't intend to continue, for some reason, this popped into my head one day. So I let it out.

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So. I dipped my toes into fanfic again, and here's where it began:

A premise: What if the Horcrux hadn’t quite been as contained by the Blood Wards as Dumbledore planned. Rather than influencing Harry’s personality, but it darkened his aura. An aura already rather grey, despite his innocent nature; grey with the darkness of his parents traumatic deaths, grey with his status as the last living primary heir of the Peverells a child of Death -- and that made him something warm, endearing and adorable to the dark creatures from an early age.

Man, wouldn’t that suck for any other wannabe dark lord.

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