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Hmm. I'm eyeing my old stand mixer. My 20+ year old stand mixer, which is missing buttons, and smokes (sometimes) when beating things.

This is a smoke-free household. I'm thinking the old thing needs evicted.

What to do, what to do... to evict and buy a new mixer? And then, which one? KitchenAid like the rest of mob, or Breville. Or, something cheaper. On one hand, I do bake sporadically, but mostly at this time of year. On the other, do I really need to drop a couple hundred on a MIXER?

Hrm. I could always just get a cheap hand-mixer and debate this for a while. But, then, that means I can't multi-task while things are being mixed.

Gah. I need a quarter. I think I need to flip on this.
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Yo... for some of you wondering, not dead. Been way busy, and way chaotic and in the time of all this busy chaoticness, my dog somehow learned how to heel. Nifty.

We're having a family dinner tonight, chez moi. Prime rib of course, because it's a real treat for my Grandad.

Note to self:
4 Rib PR roast
425 degrees, 15 minutes
350 for next 1h:30m
Check for 130 degrees

I always forget this, so dammit, I'm writing it down. It's marinated, it's salt & peppered, it's sitting to get to room temperature. The potatoes are ready to rock n roll, salad is in the fridge, and for my dad & grandad, they're getting corn too. I got the rolls in the oven now and they'll be done in plenty of time...

Dessert: Apple crisp a la mode.

And after all the dishes are done, I have to pack for our trip to New Jersey -- Curtis Promo Day.


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