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The dog isn't feeling well. It may well be an upset stomach, or just a bug of some sort. He's been subdued, sleepy, and not on his game all day to day. It's not even 9pm, and he's already curled up in a little ball, right beside me (him on the bed, me at the computer). Poor pup.

Hopefully this just runs it's course. If he's still like this tomorrow night, I'll likely consider taking him to the vet. He's young enough (19 mths) to bounce back quickly. And besides, the way he'll eat at ANYTHING... it's likely he did it to himself.

All the same, the poor pup is all mopey and wanting for cuddles and attention. As mom observed, just like the men in our family when they're ill.
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I'm thinking this week Lucky has decided to up his tally of LJ entries. It seems he's deliberately contriving new and strange behaviours for me to post on.

The latest one? Cat-like.

Curled into a nice little ball of contentment, and seeming to be dozing, all of the sudden his tail will wag and hit into the floor twice. Then silence. A few seconds later, again the tail flicks, but he's looking anywhere but at me, and still in that dozing little ball.

If I don't make a comment within some predefined amount of time, we get little moans with the tail flick.

Best I can figure, he's feeling irate that no one is paying attention to him, and the tail is the advance warning system. Heh. Boy, was HE adopted by the wrong family if he thinks that will help!
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So, I'm just sitting at my desk, paying off the bills online, when Lucky decided to climb up the chair and sit beside me. He's weird that way.

I'd left a water bottle (empty) beside the keyboard, and Jr. was evaluating the "status" for anything he could grab. Made a quick dart to grab the empty water bottle.

"Hey! Don't ask or anything!" I chided him.

He ROLLED HIS EYES at me. Evil git. (Love my puppers! He's so mine!)

"Fine." Says I. "Take it."

He did. And then happily crushed the bottle for recycling.

I did mention he's weird, right?

Pupper pic!

Jul. 5th, 2005 03:46 pm
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Lucky has a new hobby -- it's crawling under the couch and hiding there. He's a 70lb monster, and the couch is a french provincial style fairly low to the ground on lovely cherry legs.

Suffice it to say, his new hobby, weird. But he likes it. He used to go under the couch when he was a tiny little puppers, but to his joy has realized if he flattens down, he can once again hide under there.

Sadly for him, Mommy saw this as photo-opportunity. I really should put together an archive of pics... one day.


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