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My life isn't all that exciting. I get up, shower, dress, walk dog, wolf down breakfast, go to work (in a happier place), come home, walk dog, make dinner, wolf that down, plutz about on the internet, maybe read a book -- bed.

Yeah, so exciting. So, logically, I don't post much.

However, I have something to share today. But, I should backtrack a bit. September 1st, my company rolled out a benefit where we (employees) could get a corporate membership at Goodlife Fitness. And since my uber-boss wanted to loose a few pounds, and wanted company for the classes -- I could go to the gym during the DAY!

Wicked. It was a slow launch, but now into week four of my aggressive get-the-body-back, I can share some awesome results. 16lbs gone. 2" off the chest. 4" off the waist (gone from a size 12 to an 8 already). And at least 1/2" off of each thigh. Possibly more. I should have measured here first time.

Here's the kicker -- I'm not crediting the exercise for all that. I must admit, it's the food. I've gone Paleo. Why? Because I'm a Hunter & Gatherer? Hardly. Partially because it made sense, and mostly because I've never subscribed to low fat food making you less fat. I like my Prime Rib too much.

But, there was one new discovery I've made that has sold me on this new eating habit. Over the past four weeks, I go to bed satisfied, without cravings, I wake up perky and hungry. I eat, and don't get hungry again until lunch-time. I eat, and I make thru to dinner without a problem. I've got energy for my gym group-classes -- heck, I can squeeze out a 2 mile run in 24 minutes again. (I'm shooting for 2 miles in 20 minutes). And last night, fool that I was, I had pizza. The shocking discovery? I woke up groggy, tired, and grumpy. I felt like I had tossed and turned all night long.

Breakfast picked me up. Lunch helped even more, and now, with dinner in my belly, I feel sorted out. The moral of this story: Pizza, you've been a dear friend, if a bit over-indulgent. But, we must part ways forevermore. And, sadly, I won't be missing the way you made me feel.


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